Souls At Sea 1937

Supervised by Gordon Jennings, this film has a couple of shots of a miniature matching the full size ship featured more predominantly throughout. The miniature ship effects are employed for explosion and sinking scenes.

There is also a miniature set representing the cargo hold with silhouetted mattes of live action people placed over the top. When the explosion happens the mattes are not dense enough to prevent the background from bleeding through the silhouettes.

Brides of Fu Manchu 1966

Thanks to Dennis Nicholson for spotting this title which features a couple of shots of a model ship that appears to have been photographed on location, probably just being pushed on a dolly. The ship looks like it may have been a display model from a shipping company although it does not match either of the two actual ships that were named “Windsor Castle”.

It is followed by a dodgy split screen superimposed explosion where the matte line is clearly visible.

There is also a miniature aerial/ death ray and a sort of mountain/ volcano/ pile of rocks which is the baddies base which explodes at the end.