So Proudly We Hail 1943

Some impressive miniature work by the great Gordon Jennings in this film made during and concerning nurses in the second World War. Of particular note is the night time sequence of the island evacuation using small boats while under fire, all in miniature both outright shots and as process rear projected backgrounds to the live action actors.

SoProudlyWeHail00002 SoProudlyWeHail00003 SoProudlyWeHail00004 SoProudlyWeHail00005 SoProudlyWeHail00007 SoProudlyWeHail00008 SoProudlyWeHail00009 SoProudlyWeHail00010 SoProudlyWeHail00011 SoProudlyWeHail00012 SoProudlyWeHail00014 SoProudlyWeHail00015 SoProudlyWeHail00017 SoProudlyWeHail00018 SoProudlyWeHail00019 SoProudlyWeHail00021 SoProudlyWeHail00023 SoProudlyWeHail00024 SoProudlyWeHail00028

Reap the Wild Wind 1942

Won best visual effects at the 15th Academy awards in 1943.

Gordon Jennings and his team deliver some well staged rough weather miniature ship effects in technicolor. There is also a mechanical giant squid creature that although state of the art for 1942 seems a bit comical today.

Typical for the period, the miniatures would have been shot before the live action to provide the numerous rear process screen backgrounds for the shipboard scenes.

ReapTheWildWind00001 ReapTheWildWind00002 ReapTheWildWind00003 ReapTheWildWind00004 ReapTheWildWind00005 ReapTheWildWind00006 ReapTheWildWind00007 ReapTheWildWind00008 ReapTheWildWind00011 ReapTheWildWind00012 ReapTheWildWind00013 ReapTheWildWind00015 ReapTheWildWind00017 ReapTheWildWind00018 ReapTheWildWind00019 ReapTheWildWind00022 ReapTheWildWind00023 ReapTheWildWind00024 ReapTheWildWind00026 ReapTheWildWind00027 ReapTheWildWind00033 ReapTheWildWind00034 ReapTheWildWind00036 ReapTheWildWind00037 ReapTheWildWind00039 ReapTheWildWind00040 ReapTheWildWind00041 ReapTheWildWind00042 ReapTheWildWind00043 ReapTheWildWind00045 ReapTheWildWind00047 ReapTheWildWind00049 ReapTheWildWind00052 ReapTheWildWind00053 ReapTheWildWind00056 ReapTheWildWind00058 ReapTheWildWind00060 ReapTheWildWind00062 ReapTheWildWind00064 ReapTheWildWind00066 ReapTheWildWind00067 ReapTheWildWind00068 ReapTheWildWind00071 ReapTheWildWind00073 ReapTheWildWind00074 ReapTheWildWind00076 ReapTheWildWind00077



Two Years Before the Mast 1946

Photographic effects supervised by Gordon Jennings, photographed by his brother Devereaux and assisted with the miniatures by Ivyl Burks.

Some solid work typical of the period by some of the legends of visual effects.

Unfortunately the only copy I can find is the usual digital copy from a VHS source.

TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00001 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00002 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00003 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00005 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00006 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00009 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00010 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00011 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00012 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00013 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00014 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00015 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00016 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00017 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00018 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00019 TwoYearsBeforeTheMast00020


Botany Bay 1953

This film can be found in its entirety on You tube. The quality of the pictures is not the greatest, the source looks to be digitised from a VHS recording off TV.

There are some pretty decent model ship effects supervised by Paramount studios’ photographic effects chief Gordon Jennings, however the scenes set in Australia are pretty un-convincing with a couple of Koalas in a tree in a studio set.

BotanyBay00001 BotanyBay00002 BotanyBay0003 BotanyBay00004 BotanyBay00005 BotanyBay00007 BotanyBay00008 BotanyBay00009 BotanyBay00010 BotanyBay00011 BotanyBay00012 BotanyBay00013 BotanyBay00014 BotanyBay00016 BotanyBay00017 BotanyBay00018 BotanyBay00019 BotanyBay00020 BotanyBay00021 BotanyBay00022 BotanyBay00023 BotanyBay00024 BotanyBay00025