Corvette K-225 1943

There are a couple of miniature sequences in this film, concerning the Royal Canadian Navy Corvette of the title and an aircraft attack as well as the sinking of a submarine and the subsequent surface attack of another. The visual effects were supervised by John P. Fulton, legendary for the depiction of the parting of the red sea for Cecil B. DeMilles’s Ten Commandments.

The model aircraft are shot against rear projected sky plates, which to my mind is never particularly successful. I much prefer the results the Lydecker brothers achieved shooting their models outdoors in sunlight against a real sky.

This was a difficult film to track down and unfortunately the copy I have is pretty poor (found in a dvd market stall) and you can barely see anything ( the night shots don’t help) let alone the quality of the miniature effects, however there is a marginally better, less murky version viewable online at the link below and from which I have taken the screen grabs.

Corvette K-225 full movie

K-225_01 K-225_02 K-225_03 K-225_04 K-225_05 K-225_06 K-225_07 K-225_08 K-225_09 K-225_10 K-225_11 K-225_12 K-225_13 K-225_14 K-225_15 K-225_16 K-225_17 K-225_18 K-225_19 K-225_20 K-225_21 K-225_22 K-225_23 K-225_24 K-225_25 K-225_26 K-225_27 K-225_28 K-225_29 K-225_30 K-225_31 K-225_32 K-225_33



Ships With Wings 1941

This is really a very unconvincing film on every front, from the cornball story, the casting of the actors playing navy types and Nazis and regrettably the miniatures which are very studio bound in their action and cinematography. On many shots there appears to have been not enough light leading to depth of field problems, the tell tale sign of a miniature, with large parts of the image in soft focus. The other issue with the lack of light is that the cameras were not turning over with a high enough frame rate so many of the miniatures and particularly the pyrotechnic smoke and explosions are very fast and look the small scale that they actually were. See the post Camera Lighting and Lens for more on this topic.

ShipsWithWings_1 ShipsWithWings_2

Unusually, for a film made during the height of the Second World War, some live action scenes were shot on a real aircraft carrier (the ship with wings of the title), the Royal Navy’s Ark Royal, which even gets its own star billing in the opening credits.

ShipsWithWings_4 ShipsWithWings_3

There is a huge amount of miniature work in the film, from the aircraft carrier and its compliment of aircraft, Italian attacking aircraft, a dock facility and ships getting bombed, and a fictional Greek island which looks somewhat like Tracy Island from the Thunderbirds puppet series. There is even a dam burst sequence with miniature German tanks and vehicles being inundated by the water.

One thing to note about the miniature Island is what looks like milk in the water around parts of the Island to represent surf.

ShipsWithWings_6 ShipsWithWings_5

The film can be found on DVD among a series of Ealing Studios’ releases but also in its entirety in a low resolution on YouTube.



ShipsWithWings00004 ShipsWithWings00005 ShipsWithWings00006 ShipsWithWings00007 ShipsWithWings00010 ShipsWithWings00014 ShipsWithWings00015 ShipsWithWings00016 ShipsWithWings00017 ShipsWithWings00018 ShipsWithWings00023 ShipsWithWings00024 ShipsWithWings00028 ShipsWithWings00033 ShipsWithWings00036 ShipsWithWings00037 ShipsWithWings00038 ShipsWithWings00039 ShipsWithWings00040 ShipsWithWings00043 ShipsWithWings00044 ShipsWithWings00045 ShipsWithWings00047 ShipsWithWings00048 ShipsWithWings00049 ShipsWithWings00050 ShipsWithWings00051 ShipsWithWings00052 ShipsWithWings00053 ShipsWithWings00054 ShipsWithWings00055 ShipsWithWings00056 ShipsWithWings00057 ShipsWithWings00058 ShipsWithWings00060 ShipsWithWings00062 ShipsWithWings00064 ShipsWithWings00065 ShipsWithWings00066 ShipsWithWings00067 ShipsWithWings00068 ShipsWithWings00069 ShipsWithWings00072 ShipsWithWings00073 ShipsWithWings00074 ShipsWithWings00075 ShipsWithWings00076 ShipsWithWings00077 ShipsWithWings00078 ShipsWithWings00079 ShipsWithWings00081 ShipsWithWings00082 ShipsWithWings00084 ShipsWithWings00087 ShipsWithWings00089 ShipsWithWings00090 ShipsWithWings00091 ShipsWithWings00092 ShipsWithWings00094 ShipsWithWings00099 ShipsWithWings00101 ShipsWithWings00105 ShipsWithWings00108 ShipsWithWings00114 ShipsWithWings00122 ShipsWithWings00124 ShipsWithWings00126 ShipsWithWings00128 ShipsWithWings00129 ShipsWithWings00131 ShipsWithWings00132 ShipsWithWings00134 ShipsWithWings00135 ShipsWithWings00138 ShipsWithWings00140 ShipsWithWings00142 ShipsWithWings00143 ShipsWithWings00144 ShipsWithWings00147 ShipsWithWings00149 ShipsWithWings00150 ShipsWithWings00153 ShipsWithWings00155 ShipsWithWings00156 ShipsWithWings00157 ShipsWithWings00159 ShipsWithWings00160 ShipsWithWings00161 ShipsWithWings00163 ShipsWithWings00166 ShipsWithWings00171 ShipsWithWings00174 ShipsWithWings00176 ShipsWithWings00177 ShipsWithWings00178 ShipsWithWings00179 ShipsWithWings00180 ShipsWithWings00182 ShipsWithWings00185 ShipsWithWings00186 ShipsWithWings00187 ShipsWithWings00188 ShipsWithWings00190 ShipsWithWings00199 ShipsWithWings00203 ShipsWithWings00210 ShipsWithWings00217 ShipsWithWings00218 ShipsWithWings00220 ShipsWithWings00221 ShipsWithWings00223 ShipsWithWings00224 ShipsWithWings00227 ShipsWithWings00230 ShipsWithWings00231 ShipsWithWings00233 ShipsWithWings00236 ShipsWithWings00238 ShipsWithWings00239 ShipsWithWings00241 ShipsWithWings00243 ShipsWithWings00244 ShipsWithWings00245 ShipsWithWings00246 ShipsWithWings00247 ShipsWithWings00250 ShipsWithWings00251 ShipsWithWings00253 ShipsWithWings00254 ShipsWithWings00255 ShipsWithWings00256 ShipsWithWings00257 ShipsWithWings00261 ShipsWithWings00264 ShipsWithWings00268 ShipsWithWings00269 ShipsWithWings00273 ShipsWithWings00277 ShipsWithWings00279 ShipsWithWings00282 ShipsWithWings00283 ShipsWithWings00285 ShipsWithWings00288 ShipsWithWings00289 ShipsWithWings00290 ShipsWithWings00291 ShipsWithWings00292 ShipsWithWings00294 ShipsWithWings00295 ShipsWithWings00296 ShipsWithWings00300 ShipsWithWings00301 ShipsWithWings00304 ShipsWithWings00306 ShipsWithWings00307 ShipsWithWings00310 ShipsWithWings00312 ShipsWithWings00315 ShipsWithWings00316 ShipsWithWings00317 ShipsWithWings00318 ShipsWithWings00319 ShipsWithWings00320 ShipsWithWings00321 ShipsWithWings00323 ShipsWithWings00324 ShipsWithWings00326 ShipsWithWings00327 ShipsWithWings00329 ShipsWithWings00330 ShipsWithWings00331 ShipsWithWings00332 ShipsWithWings00333 ShipsWithWings00334 ShipsWithWings00335 ShipsWithWings00336 ShipsWithWings00338 ShipsWithWings00340 ShipsWithWings00343 ShipsWithWings00352 ShipsWithWings00354 ShipsWithWings00355 ShipsWithWings00357 ShipsWithWings00358 ShipsWithWings00359 ShipsWithWings00363 ShipsWithWings00367 ShipsWithWings00375 ShipsWithWings00381 ShipsWithWings00386 ShipsWithWings00389 ShipsWithWings00390 ShipsWithWings00391 ShipsWithWings00393 ShipsWithWings00394 ShipsWithWings00395 ShipsWithWings00396 ShipsWithWings00397 ShipsWithWings00398 ShipsWithWings00400 ShipsWithWings00401 ShipsWithWings00402 ShipsWithWings00403 ShipsWithWings00404 ShipsWithWings00405 ShipsWithWings00406 ShipsWithWings00407


Mystery Photograph No: 2

The photograph below is the legendary Visual Effects supervisor John P. Fulton in his waders (not to mention jacket and tie) in a tank with a model ship. Does anybody know what film this is from? I have looked through his IMDB entry but cannot seem to match a title to this photo. Any clues or suggestions please use the comment system and thanks in advance.



Sea Of Lost Ships 1953

This was a Republic picture and so is interesting to the miniature buff solely because the visual effects were by the Lydeckers, Howard and Theodore.


For a reel of more of their visual effects mostly collected from the Republic Serials there is a great compile on YouTube;

For this film they did a ship wedged on an iceberg and its subsequent freeing. According to IMDB, there is also some stock footage (which may well be the night miniature shots at the start of the movie) from the 1934 movie “Whom the Gods Destroy”.

SeaOfLostShips00001 SeaOfLostShips00003 SeaOfLostShips00005 SeaOfLostShips00006 SeaOfLostShips00007 SeaOfLostShips00008 SeaOfLostShips00009 SeaOfLostShips00010 SeaOfLostShips00011 SeaOfLostShips00015 SeaOfLostShips00019 SeaOfLostShips00020 SeaOfLostShips00021 SeaOfLostShips00022 SeaOfLostShips00023 SeaOfLostShips00024 SeaOfLostShips00025 SeaOfLostShips00026 SeaOfLostShips00027 SeaOfLostShips00031 SeaOfLostShips00032 SeaOfLostShips00033 SeaOfLostShips00034 SeaOfLostShips00036 SeaOfLostShips00037 SeaOfLostShips00039 SeaOfLostShips00042 SeaOfLostShips00043 SeaOfLostShips00044 SeaOfLostShips00045 SeaOfLostShips00046 SeaOfLostShips00047 SeaOfLostShips00048