Sailor of the King 1953

Produced by 20th Century Fox in Britain, this odd little film has apparently two different endings, I saw the one with the happy ending. I can find no information on the visual effects or the miniature effects personnel for this film, there isn’t even any credits for special effects.

SailorOfTheKing00001 SailorOfTheKing00003 SailorOfTheKing00006 SailorOfTheKing00007 SailorOfTheKing00009 SailorOfTheKing00012 SailorOfTheKing00018 SailorOfTheKing00019 SailorOfTheKing00022 SailorOfTheKing00025 SailorOfTheKing00027 SailorOfTheKing00028 SailorOfTheKing00029 SailorOfTheKing00031 SailorOfTheKing00034 SailorOfTheKing00035 SailorOfTheKing00038 SailorOfTheKing00041 SailorOfTheKing00044 SailorOfTheKing00045 SailorOfTheKing00046 SailorOfTheKing00048 SailorOfTheKing00049 SailorOfTheKing00052 SailorOfTheKing00053 SailorOfTheKing00055 SailorOfTheKing00057 SailorOfTheKing00060 SailorOfTheKing00064 SailorOfTheKing00067

One thought on “Sailor of the King 1953

  1. It’s pretty awful movie. The original C. S. Forrester novel is set during World War I, and the protagonist dies at the end, never knowing that his actions enabled the German cruiser to be destroyed by a British squadron, commanded by his unacknowledged father.

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