Against All Flags 1952

The technicolour is turned up to eleven particularly in the matte painted shots which also suffer from some very apparent bounce in the ocean plate.

It’s also interesting to note that traveling mattes have replaced what used to have been more commonly rear screen projection composites in the shots of the pirates looking at the miniature ship action. Unfortunately there are very obvious matte lines around the actors.

Errol Flynn broke his ankle 5 days short of completing the shoot. The ship set from this film (and possibly the miniatures) were used to shoot another film “Yankee Buccaneer” during a period of 5 months before resuming shooting on Against All Flags.

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Fitzcarraldo 1982

Despite the director Werner Herzog maintaining that everything in the film was shot for real there are a couple of model ship shots in the film and they are very well done.

There must have been a miniature river rapids set built along with the scale model of the steamship.

Unfortunately there is no credits for the miniature sequence.

fitzcarraldo00014 fitzcarraldo00001 fitzcarraldo00002 fitzcarraldo00003 fitzcarraldo00005 fitzcarraldo00008 fitzcarraldo00009 fitzcarraldo00010 fitzcarraldo00013UPDATE 27 June 2015

Berton Pierce who made the wonderfull documentary about the legendary modelmakers of blockbuster movies “A Sense of Scale” contacted me through the comments section. He has a couple of photographs he took at an exibition in Germany that featured the miniature ship from Fitzcarraldo and here they are below. The first one is a behind the scenes photograph of the miniature shoot that was displayed alongside the model at the exhibition. Although it is a bit blurry it does show the scale of the model with people in the scene.

Fitzcarralldo_BertonPierce_exhibition1 Fitzcarraldo_BertonPierce_Exhibition2Berton’s documentary can be purchased from the link below and I thoroughly recommend it. He has produced a valuable record of a now dying art and even more than that, he has made an entertaining film that is chock full of my heroes talking about the subject I love…miniatures.

Sense Of Scale DVD

The Guns of Navarone 1961

This film won an Oscar for visual effects for its miniatures supervisor Bill Warrington and rightly so as it has a terrific model Greek fishing boat in a storm sequence as well as climaxing with an explosive  model destruction sequence concerning the guns of the title. There is also a miniature Lancaster aircraft crash sequence at the start of the movie, a mostly full size German patrol boat explosion is augmented with some close ups on a miniature version which then sinks. A British destroyer coming through the water thrown up by near misses from the guns also make an appearance in miniature form in a couple of cuts. The full size gun cave set is pretty impressive as well.

Wally Veevers supervised the Optical effects with Bob Cuff responsible for a number of matte paintings sprinkled throughout.

Projected miniature ocean effects also provide the backdrop for the cliff climbing scenes. The Actors are actually lying horizontally on the rock set piece constructed on the floor of the studio with a rear projection screen vertically behind them.

GunsNavarone00001 GunsNavarone00002 GunsNavarone00003 GunsNavarone00004 GunsNavarone00005 GunsNavarone00006 GunsNavarone00011 GunsNavarone00012 GunsNavarone00013 GunsNavarone00014 GunsNavarone00015 GunsNavarone00016 GunsNavarone00017 GunsNavarone00018 GunsNavarone00019 GunsNavarone00023 GunsNavarone00025 GunsNavarone00026 GunsNavarone00027 GunsNavarone00031 GunsNavarone00033 GunsNavarone00035 GunsNavarone00038 GunsNavarone00039 GunsNavarone00040 GunsNavarone00042 GunsNavarone00046 GunsNavarone00047 GunsNavarone00048 GunsNavarone00049 GunsNavarone00050 GunsNavarone00051 GunsNavarone00054 GunsNavarone00055 GunsNavarone00058 GunsNavarone00059 GunsNavarone00062 GunsNavarone00064 GunsNavarone00066 GunsNavarone00067 GunsNavarone00068 GunsNavarone00069 GunsNavarone00071 GunsNavarone00072 GunsNavarone00073 GunsNavarone00075 GunsNavarone00076 GunsNavarone00077 GunsNavarone00078 GunsNavarone00079 GunsNavarone00080 GunsNavarone00081 GunsNavarone00082 GunsNavarone00083 GunsNavarone00084 GunsNavarone00085 GunsNavarone00086 GunsNavarone00087 GunsNavarone00088 GunsNavarone00090 GunsNavarone00091 GunsNavarone00092 GunsNavarone00093 GunsNavarone00094 GunsNavarone00095 GunsNavarone00096 GunsNavarone00097 GunsNavarone00098 GunsNavarone00100 GunsNavarone00101 GunsNavarone00102 GunsNavarone00103 GunsNavarone00105 GunsNavarone00106 GunsNavarone00108 GunsNavarone00109 GunsNavarone00110 GunsNavarone00111



Run Silent Run Deep 1958

Some state of the art for 1958 miniature effects here, not surprising given the miniatures were supervised by Howard Lydecker and photographed by Clifford Stein. A Arnold Gillespie also gets a credit, again no slouch when it comes to miniature effects, though here I think he may have been responsible for the rear screen process shots.

Along with the expertly produced bespoke model footage is the usual stock torpedo shots that appear again and again in model ship movies since the 1940’s.

According to IMDB the underwater model sequences were shot at the Salton Sea, however it is more likely that the surface shots were done there with the underwater shots done in a Studio tank or pool. The Salton Sea is a very large lake in California which is now under some ecological pressure and greatly diminished from what it was in 1958. It was used as a miniatures filming site by Fantasy II Film Effects for shots of the NTI Ark spires rising up out of the sea in The Abyss (see The Abyss part 3).

RunSilentRunDeep00002 RunSilentRunDeep00003 RunSilentRunDeep00004 RunSilentRunDeep00005 RunSilentRunDeep00006 RunSilentRunDeep00008 RunSilentRunDeep00009 RunSilentRunDeep00010 RunSilentRunDeep00011 RunSilentRunDeep00012 RunSilentRunDeep00013 RunSilentRunDeep00014 RunSilentRunDeep00015 RunSilentRunDeep00016 RunSilentRunDeep00018 RunSilentRunDeep00019 RunSilentRunDeep00020 RunSilentRunDeep00022 RunSilentRunDeep00023 RunSilentRunDeep00024 RunSilentRunDeep00027 RunSilentRunDeep00028 RunSilentRunDeep00030 RunSilentRunDeep00038 RunSilentRunDeep00039 RunSilentRunDeep00040 RunSilentRunDeep00041 RunSilentRunDeep00042 RunSilentRunDeep00043 RunSilentRunDeep00044 RunSilentRunDeep00045 RunSilentRunDeep00048 RunSilentRunDeep00049 RunSilentRunDeep00050 RunSilentRunDeep00051 RunSilentRunDeep00052 RunSilentRunDeep00053 RunSilentRunDeep00055 RunSilentRunDeep00056 RunSilentRunDeep00057 RunSilentRunDeep00058 RunSilentRunDeep00059 RunSilentRunDeep00060 RunSilentRunDeep00061 RunSilentRunDeep00063 RunSilentRunDeep00065 RunSilentRunDeep00066 RunSilentRunDeep00068 RunSilentRunDeep00069 RunSilentRunDeep00071 RunSilentRunDeep00072 RunSilentRunDeep00073 RunSilentRunDeep00074 RunSilentRunDeep00076 RunSilentRunDeep00078 RunSilentRunDeep00085 RunSilentRunDeep00086 RunSilentRunDeep00087 RunSilentRunDeep00090 RunSilentRunDeep00094 RunSilentRunDeep00096 RunSilentRunDeep00100 RunSilentRunDeep00101 RunSilentRunDeep00102 RunSilentRunDeep00103 RunSilentRunDeep00104 RunSilentRunDeep00106 RunSilentRunDeep00108 RunSilentRunDeep00109 RunSilentRunDeep00111 RunSilentRunDeep00114 RunSilentRunDeep00117 RunSilentRunDeep00118 RunSilentRunDeep00120 RunSilentRunDeep00122 RunSilentRunDeep00123 RunSilentRunDeep00125 RunSilentRunDeep00126 RunSilentRunDeep00129 RunSilentRunDeep00131 RunSilentRunDeep00133 RunSilentRunDeep00135 RunSilentRunDeep00136 RunSilentRunDeep00137 RunSilentRunDeep00139 RunSilentRunDeep00140 RunSilentRunDeep00141 RunSilentRunDeep00143 RunSilentRunDeep00146 RunSilentRunDeep00147 RunSilentRunDeep00148 RunSilentRunDeep00149 RunSilentRunDeep00150 RunSilentRunDeep00151 RunSilentRunDeep00152 RunSilentRunDeep00153 RunSilentRunDeep00155 RunSilentRunDeep00156 RunSilentRunDeep00157 RunSilentRunDeep00158 RunSilentRunDeep00159 RunSilentRunDeep00160 RunSilentRunDeep00162 RunSilentRunDeep00163 RunSilentRunDeep00165 RunSilentRunDeep00166 RunSilentRunDeep00167 RunSilentRunDeep00168 RunSilentRunDeep00171 RunSilentRunDeep00173 RunSilentRunDeep00176 RunSilentRunDeep00177 RunSilentRunDeep00178 RunSilentRunDeep00180 RunSilentRunDeep00181 RunSilentRunDeep00183 RunSilentRunDeep00185 RunSilentRunDeep00186