Whiskey galore 1949

This  Alexander Mackendrick Ealing comedy has a few shots of a miniature ship and what looks to be a glass shot of the stranded ship stuck on the rocks. The first shot of the bow of the ship suffers greatly from too small a depth of field. Most of the shots do not show any interaction with water except the final sinking shot. Some of the shots combine the miniature with rear projected live action plates. Miniatures are likely the work of one of the two credited special effects personnel, Sydney (Syd) Pearson.

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The Abyss 1989 Part 5

This is Part 5. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here,  Part 3 is here and Part 4 is here.

Looking back at the visual effects work on the Abyss I was struck by how the miniatures shot both in a real underwater environment and motion controlled in smoke filled studio  are still as effective and compelling today as they were back in 1989. At the time it was the computer generated Pseudopod which captured all the attention, which ironically, looking at it today , rather shows its age.

This film was at the very start of the digital revolution which has transformed the field of visual effects irrevocably. There are visual effects supervisors today who have never been on a miniatures shoot, they have no experience of it, the technique is slowly being lost. My aim with this website is try to keep the knowledge alive in any small way I can. There has never been a CGI film that has in any way been close to capturing the deep felt enthusiasm I have for miniatures. The tragedy is that in this day and age where the constraints of the photochemical film process and optical printing have been totally overcome by digital  compositing, where it is a relatively simple task to remove wires and control rods from a scene and where radio control is now reliable, flexible and interference free, miniatures could now more than ever be a practical and economical visual effects solution.  It’s not gonna happen but I can dream…

Abyss00001 Abyss00002 Abyss00003 Abyss00005 Abyss00007 Abyss00008 Abyss00009 Abyss00010 Abyss00014 Abyss00015 Abyss00017 Abyss00038 Abyss00040 Abyss00041 Abyss00042 Abyss00043 Abyss00044 Abyss00045 Abyss00047 Abyss00050 Abyss00051 Abyss00053 Abyss00054 Abyss00056 Abyss00059 Abyss00061 Abyss00070 Abyss00077 Abyss00080 Abyss00083 Abyss00084 Abyss00086 Abyss00088 Abyss00090 Abyss00091 Abyss00093 Abyss00095 Abyss00100 Abyss00105 Abyss00109 Abyss00110 Abyss00111 Abyss00112 Abyss00113 Abyss00114 Abyss00115 Abyss00116 Abyss00117 Abyss00118 Abyss00122 Abyss00123 Abyss00124 Abyss00125 Abyss00127 Abyss00129 Abyss00130 Abyss00131 Abyss00133 Abyss00135 Abyss00138 Abyss00139 Abyss00140 Abyss00141 Abyss00143 Abyss00144 Abyss00146 Abyss00151 Abyss00155 Abyss00156 Abyss00158 Abyss00159 Abyss00160 Abyss00161 Abyss00163 Abyss00164 Abyss00166 Abyss00168 Abyss00171 Abyss00174 Abyss00175 Abyss00176 Abyss00177 Abyss00179 Abyss00180 Abyss00182 Abyss00183 Abyss00184 Abyss00188 Abyss00191 Abyss00196 Abyss00197 Abyss00200 Abyss00205 Abyss00208 Abyss00214 Abyss00216 Abyss00218 Abyss00219 Abyss00222 Abyss00223 Abyss00224 Abyss00237 Abyss00238 Abyss00239 Abyss00240 Abyss00243 Abyss00244 Abyss00246 Abyss00247 Abyss00248 Abyss00249 Abyss00251 Abyss00254 Abyss00255 Abyss00256 Abyss00257 Abyss00258 Abyss00259 Abyss00260 Abyss00261 Abyss00263 Abyss00264 Abyss00265 Abyss00266 Abyss00267source for parts 1 through 4; Cinefex magazine number 39, August 1989